8 of the Best Items You Can Purchase for the Workaholics in Your Life

Posted by Carmina Mangalindan on

The holidays are coming, but before you can freak out about the thousand gifts you need to buy (and the lack of money to purchase these gifts with) how about we walk you through a list of great items that might fit the person you have in mind? This 2019, the workaholics in our lives, be it your friend or you yourself, deserve a reward. Go forth and add to cart!

A portmanteau of blanket and sleeves, Bleeves is a clever combination of two of your favorite things on a cold night, or should we say a cold night in the office. After all the other employees are gone and you’re pulling an all-nighter, Bleeves is the perfect companion.

There are various solid-colored and patterned designs as well as sizes for kids and adults, and if you want to make it personalized, you can have your name monogrammed! For your traveler friends, get them the Bleeves Travel, a regular size Bleeves which conveniently folds into a travel pillow with a handle.

by: Kyzia Maramara

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