Lovin' anything cuddly and comfy? Bleeves® is the wearable blanket…with sleeves! Now you can use read a book, relax, or use gadgets while snuggled under the comfort of your blanket with sleeves!

What is Bleeves?

"Getting a jacket might be your usual solution, but a jacket might not be enough to give you that whole-body comfort you need. You could wrap yourself like a burrito in a blanket but that won’t give you much space to use your arms and work in comfort at the same time." - Inquirer.

Bleeves® is a contraction of the words "blanket" and "sleeves." Bleeves finally addresses the difficulty of using hands and snuggling under a blanket at the same time. The solution was to attach sleeves to a regular blanket. Bleeves® is now an indispensable part of everyday comfort.

Made of Ultra Soft Cuddle Fleece

Made of ultra soft cuddle fleece, an ultra luxurious and lightweight fabric, Bleeves® is perfect for home, office, or on-the-go! It offers everyday comfort and is perfect especially for people who always or easily get cold.

Quality Assured

Bleeves® is sewn by our skillful professionals with decades of years in the industry. Fueled by their passion for the craft, they ensure that each and every piece is of the best quality.