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This ‘blanket with sleeves’ is what people who are always cold need in life

This ‘blanket with sleeves’ is what people who are always cold need in life

The idea of cold and comfort don’t always go hand in hand. It’s hard to resist an ice cream but gum sensitivity makes it even harder for some people to enjoy it. Being in an air-conditioned office may feel comfy while working, but typing on a keyboard with shivering or shaking hands and frequent visits to the restroom to pee might not be ideal and counterproductive. 

Unlike Elsa from Frozen, the cold does bother us sometimes. And for people who are always cold–or those who shiver even in the slightest drop of temperature–they need a cover-up that feels like a warm hug.

Getting a jacket might be your usual solution, but a jacket might not be enough to give you that whole-body comfort you need. You could wrap yourself like a burrito in a blanket but that won’t give you much space to use your arms and work in comfort at the same time. 

Good thing, Bleeves, a wearable blanket with sleeves exists! 

From the contraction of the words “blanket” and “sleeves,” Bleeves is a wearable blanket with sleeves that is worn like an inverted robe. Launched in mid-2014, it is the first and only manufacturer of wearable blankets with sleeves in the country.

With attached sleeves to it, Bleeves addresses the difficulty of using hands and snuggling under a blanket at the same time. Now you can feel cozy and comfortable while working, eat popcorn while watching TV, or lay in bed in cold weather and use your gadgets while your Bleeves is wrapped around you. 

It offers everyday comfort and is perfect especially for people who always or easily get cold. It’s also ideal to use at home, in the office, while you travel, and more! 

Bleeves is available in different colors, prints, and in four types: Kids Size for kids up to 6 years of age; Regular Size for out-of-home use; Xtra Long Size for home use; and the Bleeves Travel which conveniently folds into a pillow. You can also make your Bleeves uniquely yours by having your name embroidered on it.

by: Dan Lim

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